File Transfer & Data Security Consulting

File Transfer and Data Security Consulting

Creating A Solution That Suits Yours Enterprise

As experts on  Managed File Transfer, Data Loss Prevention and Website Security solutions, we can help you to clarify your objectives and design a solution that supports them.

  1. We consider your architectural requirements, as well as the cloud hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and appliance based software that is running on your infrastructure.
  2. We consider your business objectives, even if you don’t quite know them yet.
  3. And, of course, we consider your budget and the best plan of action for return on investment (ROI).

By considering every facet of your enterprise, we can provide an end-to-end solution that includes sourcing software, implementing it effectively and on-going support.


Read on to find out more about the ten stages of file transfer and data security consultancy, or contact us now for more advice.

10 Steps To File Transfer and Data Security Success

Working with hundreds of business in a range of industry sectors, our team of experienced consultants has developed a unique Ten Step Methodology for file transfer and data security consultancy.

We can identify where you are in this process, and help you move through it to completion and a successful solution.

Strategic Direction

Why do you need a managed file transfer or data security solution? What is the problem that you are facing, and what do you hope to achieve with a new approach? We can analyse your existing data loss prevention, data classification, web security, FTP and managed file transfer (MFT) configurations and help you to identify clear goals

Statement Of Requirements

What are you looking for in a solution? Against the backdrop of your existing infrastructure, we can help you to detail concrete requirements to drive your business planning and the search for a solution.

System Architecture

What do you already have in place, and how will a solution fit with your existing IT methodologies and industry practices? We can review your existing architecture and provide you with recommendations based on what will work for you.

Vendor Benchmarking & Seletion

We work with a number of leading vendors to give our customers a choice of solutions. We are confident that every INDUSONE Certified product can deliver a reliable and effective solution. But we are committed to your success, not our vendors, and make informed recommendations based on head-to-head comparisons. You can also conveniently compare managed file transfer solutions in our MFT comparison matrix.

Funding Options

Making an investment in any major IT project requires funding from stakeholders. We do not stop with finding and implementing an IT solution – we can help you to develop an effective business case to present clear funding options to your organisation.

Defining The Business case

Once the funding options have been identified, INDUSONE’s File Transfer and Data Security Consulting practice will help you to document all elements of the project and clearly define Critical Success Factors – the indicators that can be used to measure project success

Proof Of Concept 'Test & Success'

With a defined business case and secured funding, we can offer guidance and advice on development tests and rollback procedures. You can see first-hand how the proposed solution will help you to achieve your goals. This phase begins the journey to installation with complete assurance of compatibility and efficiency.


Once you have fully tested the software solution that has been proposed, agreed the acceptance criteria and complied with sign-off procedures, we source the software that you require and confirm your user licenses

Installation Training & Support

The time has come to put your new managed file transfer or data security solution into practice. Who better to do it than experienced experts in the field? Our engineers will be available throughout the installation process, guaranteeing an efficient install without disruption to your working practices. We then offer comprehensive training and awareness programs to help you make the most of your new solution and start using your software immediately.

LifeCycle Management

A successful installation is just the beginning. We are focused on supporting customers for the long-term, with technical support packages for on-demand assistance. As well as being available for telephone and on-site support, our consultants will also proactively inform you of updates and new opportunities that may be useful to your enterprise.

File Transfer Consulting Questions To Get You Started


Successful consultation is about two-way discussion. The more we understand about you, the better the bespoke solution we can offer.

Here are three key areas that you should consider as a starting point for consultation.


What kind of solution are you looking for?

What problem are you facing?

Do you need to consolidate existing FTP servers?

Are you transferring data between systems, or individuals, or both?

How often does data need to be transferred?

How much data needs to be transferred?

How many file transfers are likely to be happening at the same time?

Which regulations need to be met? (PCI DSS, GCSX, FIPS, ISO 2700x, HIPAA, SOX)

Is encryption required for data at rest or in transit?

Is authentication required via Active Directory or LDAP?

Do you require content aware monitoring and filtering – for example, file virus checking?

How long should files be available for download?

Is non-repudiation important?

Do you need comprehensive file tracking and reporting?

How do you currently track and manage logs?

What are your data reporting requirements?

Do you need a full High Availability solution?

Are you looking for a hosted service or in-house solution?

Which protocols do you need to support? (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2)

Do you require file manipulation, workflow automation, or multiple scripts for FTP transfer?

Do you need things to happen based on event triggers?

What else is in your network, and how much integration do you need?

Are you linking systems together, requiring an API?

Do you need file transfer software that secures email?

Do you need a web-based point of access for securely working with and transferring data?