Data Identify

Data Idenfiy

Data is at the heart of any company. Our data solution portfolio has one simple aim – to put your data where you need it to be, when you need it – and nowhere else.

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It is important to know the following about your companies data. What and where is your important data, who can access it, who owns it, who has accessed it and what have they done with it and who has route access to the servers and systems where your data resides?


Classify Your Data To Define It's Value

When Data is created it should be classified to ensure downstream technologies and humans can clearly identify the relative importance of the data and how policies should be applied to that data

Ensure Access To Your Data

There are three priorities to secure data in use and at rest:

    Identity Access Management. Effectively manage your data to answer the who, what, whereand when.  Ensure only the right people have access to your data. 

    Secure route access to systems through remediation of your SSH Keys