Data Secure Solutions

Data Secure Solutions


Data is an asset, wherever it is along its journey we will help you ensure it is safe and only where it is meant to be.


Data Creation

When Data is created it should be classified to ensure downstream technologies and humans can clearly identify the relative importance of the data and how policies should be applied to that data 

Data In Use & At Rest

There are three priorities to secure data in use and at rest:

    Identity Access Management. Effectively manage your data to answer the who, what, whereand when.  Ensure only the right people have access to your data.

    Encrypt data without interrupting business as usual. 

    Secure route access to systems through remediation of your SSH Keys

Data Integration & Exchange

    Secure File Transfer – Ensure all file transfer is encrypted, authenticated, audit-able and compliant. 

    Email Encryption –  policy-based, end-to-end encryption for email and mobile messaging. 

    Personal File Exchange (Ad Hoc File Transfer) – 

    File Encryption – provides information encryption to protect files and documents used by individuals and groups


Data Loss Prevention

    Data Loss Prevention solutions protect your data end to end