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Data Loss Prevention & File Transfer

Data is at the heart of any company. Our data solution portfolio has one simple aim – to put your data where you need it to be, when you need it – and nowhere else.

These product pages have been designed to make it easy to view and compare the range of Data Centric products on offer from INDUSONE. To view the products in our range, please select the relevant category below:

Data Loss Prevention

varonisWith over 4,500 installations worldwide, Varonis ensures that only the right people have access to the right data at all times.
vedasysVERDASYS provides Enterprise Information Protection solutions that enable sensitive information to move freely across global organizations, greatly increasing collaboration and enabling business processes.

Data Classification

watchfulWith over 4,500 installations are tailored to provide persistent security solutions that prevent accidental and malicious disclosure. As a result, your security protocols are enhanced and compliance
boldona leading provider of data classification and secure messaging solutions.


File Transfer

attachmateFind out how the new class of managed file transfer products can overcome today’s file transfer problems—problems that old FTP is not equipped to handle.
cleoCleo allows companies to move sensitive data between applications and businesses effortlessly, securely and seamlessly. Importantly, Cleo solutions are also fully scalable. Cleo are true leaders in the MFT, B2B and A2A space.
globalGlobalscape ensures the reliability of mission-critical operations by securing sensitive data and intellectual property.
ipIpswitch File Transfer offers secure, managed file transfer (MFT) solutions that are fast to implement, easy to use, and backed by exceptional customer support.
linomaGoAnywhere™ is a managed file transfer and secure FTP solution that will streamline and automate file transfers with your trading partners, customers, employees and internal servers.
sshKnown the world over as the company that invented the SSH protocol, SSH Communications Security is out to reinvent how organizations across the globe secure the path to their information assets.