File Transfer & Data Security Training

Our Expertise becomes Your Expertise

As independent integrators, INDUSONE has extensive insight into file transfer and data security solutions. We are committed to sharing our expertise with everyone in your enterprise, from business managers to IT administrators and end-users.

We host regular training seminars covering overall data security and information exchange strategy, as well as in-depth technical training. We match this with training designed to raise awareness, helping to prevent the loss of sensitive data at every level.

You can choose from a generic course or we can tailor bespoke courses to meet your requirements, focusing on the specific software that you use.

Training can then be delivered at your premises, in our offices or training facilities, or online.

Read on to explore our file transfer and data security training by type and topic, or contact us now for more help.

Training By Type & Topic

Below are some of the most common types of training that we provide. We can also combine parts of different training modules to create a bespoke solution for your enterprise.

Formal Class Room Training

For learning in a formal, traditional setting, we offer one or two day courses that take a structured approach to training. These courses are attended by up to eight people.

Flexible Training

What if you need on-the-job training occasionally and at short notice? Using a system of INDUSONE Credits, we offer on-demand online training as and when it is required.

Training By Software Vendor & Software Solution

Rank Name Training For
1 Attachmate File Express File Transfer
2 GlobalScape EFT Server & Modules
EFT Enterprise & Modules
3 IP Switch MOVEit DMZ and Modules
MOVEit Central & Modules
WS_FTP Server & Modules
4 Linoma GoAnywhere Director
GoAnyWhere Services
GoAnyWhere Gateway
5 Tectia SSH Universal SSH key Manager
Tectia Server
Tectia Client
6 Varonis Data Advantage
7 WatchFul Software RIGHTSWatch Admin
RIGHTSWatch Classification
RIGJTSWatch Rules
8 Verdasys Digital Guardian
Additional data Loss prevention(DLP) Training

General Training Courses Non Vendor Specific

Training courses tend to follow a given outline. A generic training course contains modules on:

  • Overview of Software
  • System Architecture
  • Security
  • Client Compatibility
  • Deployment Database
  • Integration Management
  • Users
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Authentication
  • API Reporting